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DVD authoring for Shannon Trust Learning to Read Manual 3 and 4

Bridgwater Carnival 2022 Filming Crew Live Stream and DVD production

DVD authoring for Operation Overlord feature film

Shannon Trust Learn to Read DVD authoring Rebrand

DVD authoring for Unit Eleven release

DVD authoring for 1966 FIFA World Cup Final in Colour

DVD authoring & Duplication for Shannon Trust Learning to Read Vol 2

DVD authoring for Dementia DVD - Recognii Treasure Box

DVD authoring & Duplication for Prison Reading Project for Shannon Trust

Sex, Drugs & HIV 8 x DVD authoring

Angler Walkabout New Zealand DVD out now

Last Stop Coney Island DVD authoring for Andy Dunn

WWII The Long Road Home DVD authoring

DVD & Blu-ray authoring for Above the Clouds feature film

Down on the Farm DVD production for NDMI

Bridgwater Carnival 2019 Filming Crew Live Stream and DVD production

DVD & Blu-ray authoring for Voice of the Eagle Robbie Basho

STRIKE DVD Authoring Subtitles and Quality Control

Maximo Park 'As Long We Keep Moving' DVD Authoring

I Love Dressmaking DVD Authoring with May Martin

DVD Duplication for 'The Invisible Recorder' - Dennis Creffield Film

DVD duplication: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

DVD production: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

Honour Amongst Men DVD Authoring

Camp Massacre DVD authoring for general release

Triple-F DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs

DVD authoring for Category 8: Destruction Earth film

Boundary Games DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs

'Leash off game on' DVD has shipped over 13000 copies

Working the Sea Documentary DVD Authoring & Replication

Boundary Games DVD filming with AbsoluteDogs

Aliens vs College Girls DVD Authoring

CAGE - feature film DVD authoring & iTunes encoding

'Leash off game on' DVD filming with Absolute Dogs

QI Vol 1 + 2 DVD Box Set Authoring

DVD authoring for Ghosts in the Machine film

Fitness DVD filming with AbsoluteDogs

Woolacombe School Play DVD authoring & duplication

Land of the Pharaohs DVD authoring

Realm of the Damned DVD & Blu-ray QC & Authoring

Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band DVD production

Ren & Stimpy DVD box set authoring

Live filming, vision mixing + DVD & Blu-ray production for Bridgwater Carnival 2016

Niki Perry Yoga DVD Authoring & Duplication

Mise Eire DVD & Blu-ray build for Gael Linn & IFI

DVD authoring for Dark Was The Night feature

The Animals of Farthing Wood DVD Box Set Authoring

Great White DVD Authoring for retail

Kung Fu Assassin DVD Authoring

UFO DVD Authoring for Italian release

DVD authoring for Lucky Lady re-release

Maniac Films to Produce the Next Three Years Bridgwater Carnival DVD & Blu-ray

DVD authoring for The Dark Corner 70th anniversary

Angler Walkabout DVD encoding for Amazon streaming

The Inhabitants DVD Authoring for retail

Serco Training multi-lingual DVD authoring

River Monsters Italian DVD box set coming soon

Authoring for City Of Dreamers DVD release

Replication for Destined To Survive Holocaust DVD

The Fortune Teller - DVD authoring for retail

NTSC DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs NTSC

DVD authoring DAISY porn star documentary film

The Dreamwarrior DVD authoring

DVD authoring for Between Two Worlds feature film

Extra DVD duplication for the Inflatable Wall Company

DVD & Blu-ray Duplication & Replication Services

DVD & Blu-ray Authoring/Production services

DVD authoring for Italian release of Space 1999

DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs PAL

DVD & Blu-ray Production for My Honor Was Loyalty

DVD authoring for Italian release of Sherlock Holmes

Wizard of Earthsea DVD authoring

Boat Stories DVD & Blu-ray production - now on sale

DVD for Earth Apocalypse general release

Live filming, vision mixing + DVD & Blu-ray production for Bridgwater Carnival 2015

The official trailer for the Alaska Angler Walkabout DVD is now online

The official trailer for the Patagonia Angler Walkabout DVD is now online

DVD authoring for Monster Hunter feature film

Pacific Warriors Rugby Documentary DVD

DVD Authoring & Duplication for Royal Mail

DVD authoring for Italian release of Miss Marple

Paranormal attack - DVD authoring for retail release

DVD Authoring & Duplication - The Legend of Frankel

Brighton Mob DVD Authoring

Dark by Noon DVD Authoring

DVD Duplication for Mount Edgcumbe with OneTwoFour

DVD Authoring for Steel Dawn

Zombie Resurrection released on DVD

FORTUNE DVD Authoring for DuPont with OneTwoFour

DVD Authoring for Furious Road

DVD & Blu-ray Production for Austin Powers

DVD & Blu-ray Production for Orgazmo

DVD & Blu-ray Production for House On Haunted Hill

DVD Authoring for DuPont Working with OneTwoFour

DVD Authoring for Royal Mail Working with OneTwoFour

We Still Kill The Old Way now available on DVD & Blu-ray

Editing Assistance & DVD Production for Family Photo Slideshow

Editing & Post-Production for Angler Walkabout DVD's

Tests & Treatments DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

Heathy Eating DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

BBC Horizons Menu Design, DVD Production & Duplication for Turkish Audiences

Menu Rebuild & DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

DVD Production for 'The Girl In A Bubble' Film

Jollyphonics Cartoonito DVD Authoring

DVD Production & Authoring of Thaddeus O'Sullivan films for the Irish Film Institute

DVD Duplication for 'Home Economics' Film

DVD Production & Authoring for The Slayers

DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation CHD

National Grid gas pensions DVD authoring

DVD production for In Heart & Action

2 Disk DVD Box Authoring for 'The Railway' TV series for First Great Western

DVD production for Twofour & a major car manufacturer

DVD authoring & duplication for United Surf Film

DVD screener authoring for British Horror Film Festival

Additional Blu-ray & DVD authoring of TT 2013 with German audio

Men & Motors DVD box sets authoring

DVD & Blu-ray authoring and Russian subtitling for Picture Perfect

DVD screener authoring for British Animation Film Festival

DVD duplication for creative charity Forward Facing

Deranged - A film shot using Maniac lenses gets UK DVD release

15 x PAL Cartoon DVD builds for Eurodiscs

Film conversion & DVD authoring for Boardroom charity event

Film conversion & DVD authoring for Amplitude Film Festival

The Reverend is available to buy on DVD

10 x PAL to NTSC DVD conversions for Eurodiscs

DVD authoring & printing for short film 'Locked In'

DVD authoring & artwork design for Revitalising Yoga

NTSC DVD conversion and DVD duplication for The Maniac Project film

Plymouth Recycling DVD authoring for Twofour

Bristol City scenic shots for Bristol University admissions DVD

DVD and Blu-ray authoring for Fred Olsen Cruise lines and Twofour

Live video editing and CD & DVD authoring for Steve Tucker

Location shoot for Bristol Uni Faculty of Engineering admissions DVD

O'Kalem Collection DVD build project for IFI completed

MIA nomination for North Devon Movie Bus DVDs

North Devon Movie Bus DVD's go on sale

GAA Gold film is second best selling sports DVD in 2010

The Shadows dual-layer DVD duplication and cover printing for Great Torrington School

DVD authoring for Making A Difference project

DVD authoring for Irish Film Institute GAA Gold film

Aichi DVD authoring for John Williams and Richard Harvey

Surf into Yoga DVD duplication for Extreme Horizon

Yogatic DVD - PAL authoring and replication

Astronomers and Fettu-share DVD authoring and and duplication

Musicc DVD authoring and duplication for Artaura

DVD production and replication for Devon Lanes & Longboards

Fobo Music showreel DVD completed

DVD cover design for 'A Days Work' short film by Mark Fortune

Goldcoast 2005 DVD free to view online

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