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Published Wednesday 4 May 2016 by Stu Gaunt in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon DVD authoring for The Dark Corner 70th anniversary

We have just completed DVD authoring for a re-release of the 1946 black & white film 'The Dark Corner'.

The film tells the story of Bradford Galt (Mark Stevens), a tough private investigator who, when he realizes that he's being followed, confronts his assailant, a shifty fellow named Fred Foss (William Bendix). Galt's encounter with Foss leads to a web of intrigue involving prosperous art collector Hardy Cathcart (Clifton Webb) and his young wife, Mari (Cathy Downs). Soon Galt is in over his head -- but luckily for him, his tenacious secretary, Kathleen Stewart (Lucille Ball), is on hand to help him out.

The DVD features the film in not only English, but also includes German audio and subtitles in German, French, Dutch and English (hard of hearing)

We were supplied a copy of the film along with additional audio and subtitles. We were also supplied with the new cover artwork, from which we were able to design new DVD menus for the authoring.

We then took the converted assets, along with the subtitle files, menus (including main menu, chapters menus and audio/subs selection menu) and built a master DVD. Once the master disk was approved we uploaded the files to Sony for replication and distribution to retail stores.


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