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DJI Camera Gimbals


Steadicams changed the film industry, allowing dymanic moving shots never seen before.
The latest evolution of the Steadicam is the 3-axis Gimbal, a motorised steadicam that not only provides you with smooth footage, but some models also offer the option of remote pan, tilt & roll control by a second operator!

We currently offer one units made by DJI, the Ronin-M and the Ronin-RS2 - both designed for lighter cameras such as DSLR's.
The Ronin-M is larger and features a sturdy set of handles for 2-handed operation. Ideal for larger cameras or long shoots. It also features a remote for 2nd operatior functions.
The Ronin-S is a smaller gimbal designed for single handed operation. Ideal in small spaces, and situations where you may even need to film yourself in a selfie style (it has a selfie mode)

As well as the gimbal units, we also stock a range of useful accessories such as handles, focus motors, cables and mounting brackets. Check our Gimbal Accessories page for more

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 DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Gimbal Combo
 DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Gimbal Combo 
 £32.00 per day
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