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Published Wednesday 30 November -0001 by Stu Gaunt in Info & Pricing

topic icon CD Authoring and Duplication Services

With prices starting at just 47p per disc, Maniac Films can produce multiple copies of your CD, ranging from 10 - 10,000 copies (or more). For runs of up to 1000 copies, we can duplicate these in house. For runs of over 1000 copies, we offer a replication service in which the disks are made in a factory.

Short runs are ideal for new musicians & artists who are just starting out. We often produce runs of 100 or 200 copies of an album for sale at gigs, or to send off to promoters, radio stations and magazines.

Short-run CD duplication and printing

We can duplicate short runs of up to 1000 disks in-house. For larger runs please see replication below. Disks are copied using our two duplication towers which can create up to 12 DVD disks at a time. Disk printing is handled by our Epson Disk Producer, an automated disk printer capable of working through 100 copies at a time.

Cover/insert printing: We can also print a range of disk case covers /  sleeves in-house. We can produce a cover to any size for different cases. We normally use glossy paper for inkjet printing, and we can prepare samples of your cover if required. We can also liaise with printing houses to get a good price for ultra-high quality prints that rival those found on major releases. But we only recommend this for runs of at least 100 as it can be costly in small numbers.

CD disk finishes: We use three main types of disk for our CD duplication service. The first type is a matte printable disk. These feature a matte finish and look great with both text and images. The disks themselves are reliable and resistant to errors.
The second is also a matte finish, but it features a silver underside which look just like a replicated, professional disk.
Our thrid & final type has a glossy finish - the Watershield type CD-R. Watershield disks feature a glossy finish that is fantastic for full image prints. As the name suggests these disks are water and smudge resistant.

Disk and cover print design: We offer a design service for DVD disk and cover prints. We can use existing artwork, or design from scratch. We can also include a unique barcode for your DVD for retail. Please contact us to discuss options.

CD replication

For CD runs of over 1000 copies, it is advisable and much more affordable to use replication instead of duplication. Replication is not carried out in house, but at a dedicated replication factory. The process involves making a glass master disk, from which multiple copies are then made.

We have a good working relationship with one of the largest replication houses in Europe and we can often negotiate a good price. Replication can also include very high quality Lithographic film or screen printing process for disk printing.

Sample pricing

Below are two tables with pricing examples for CD duplication & CD replication. These are just a guide so please contact us for full pricing details.

CD Duplication Matte disk with text only print Matte disk with full colour print Glossy waterproof disk with full colour print
CD-R disk print only
with no data on disk
£ 0.47 + VAT £ 0.54 + VAT £ 0.87 + VAT
CD-R in clear wallet
inc data duplication
£ 0.76 + VAT £ 0.82 + VAT £ 1.15 + VAT
CD-R in c-shell case
inc data duplication
£ 0.93 + VAT £ 1.00 + VAT £ 1.33 + VAT
CD-R in printed card wallet & data duplication £ 1.55 + VAT £ 1.62 + VAT £ 1.88 + VAT


Sample pricing for CD replication
CD replicated 1000+ units in cardboard digi-pack and finished in a cellophane wrap.
Disks printed using industry standard 4 colour process.

£ 0.75 + VAT per unit

CD replicated 1000+ units in cardboard digi-pack and finished in a cellophane wrap.
Disks printed using industry standard 4 colour process.

£ 0.47 + VAT per unit

CD replicated 1000+ units in CD jewel case with printed inlays and finished in a cellophane wrap.
Disks printed using industry standard 4 colour process.

£ 0.554 + VAT per unit


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