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Audio recording is one of the most important aspects of filming, and you can't record good audio without a good microphone.

We offer a range of microphones for different locations and scenarios like the Sennheiser ME66, Rode NTG2, NTG3 shotgun mics and Sennheiser radio mics for interviews or presentations using lavalier mics. For microphone accessories such as mic stands, XLR cables, wind protection and shock mounts then please see our audio accessories and audio kits.

Microphones comes in two types, those that require power to operate and those that do not.  Powered microphones can be powered in one of two ways, either by a battery (internal AA or AAA) or using +48v, which is supplied down the audio cable by the camera or mixer.

Please use the handy symbols on the images below which show if a microphone offeres battery or +48v power (or both). Most professional cameras and audio recorders offer +48v power - however some do not and these will require a battery powered solution. For more information please feel free to ask.

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