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Post Production Services

Editing 4k Zombie footage for Ecombat video Stabilising 4k scenic aerial footage from Putsborough & Croyde Bay North Devon Colour grading and beauty work for TV advert

We love a challenge! We have been offering post production services for over 13 years - from transfers and format conversions to assembly edits, sound design, colour grading to visual effects and animation. We provide post production services in 4K and HD and typically work with all-digital workflows, from simple corner pin, rotoscoping to 2D and 3D animations, compositing effects and green screen work for corporate, adverts, promotions and feature films.

Mark, Thanks for your excellent work editing today. Look forward to seeing the vids up and my mugshot next to Paxman's!
- Martin, Equality Street.

We are happy to get involved at any stage of your production - whether it's a complete edit or just helping you finish off your film - "Let's fix it in post !" Contact us now to chat about your needs or browse some of our previous projects below.

Post Production show reel 2019 from Maniac Films ltd on Vimeo.

VFX show reel and breakdown from Maniac Films ltd on Vimeo.

We can be engaged as post production supervisor prior and during your shoot or online editor, rotoscoping, colour grading and visual effects artists once in production. Our post production services cover any genre of video or film making.

Creating a rapid Infection for an Independent feature film IMMUNE Tracking and masking in Mocha Pro for screen replacements in Independent feature film Age of Kill Audio cleanup - removing noise from interview for Lockheed Martin CEO

Many thanks for the all the editing work on my films and the post production final polish, stoked with 'em and people seem to be enjoying them. See you with the West Africa and Tasmania films soon . . .
- Julian, Angler Walkabout.

We have provided services for sports/special interest films, music promos, live events, training films, motion graphics design for credits and company logos, motion menu design for DVD & Blu-ray, documentary film editing, corporate and business promotional films plus independent feature films for Digital Cinema Projection (DCP) and straight-to-DVD productions for local schools and charity organisations. So whether you need a quick turnaround edit of the CEO's internal presentation or a complete feature length documentary producing please get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

Thank you again for the excellent work, the video is sitting nicely on our new website page now.
- Steve Tucker All Star Jazz.

We are easy to engage and prefer to work to fixed budgets and will agree pricing in advance with any variations discussed as required or we can work to day rates for all our post production services. We have fast fibre broadband and can upload draft versions to Vimeo Pro with password protection for clients to view and sign off projects quickly and easily. We take backups seriously and use an LTO tape archive system for all our projects as well as daily clones and on-line backups for project files, coupled with on-line RAID systems and uninterruptible power supplies to ensure we take good care of your digital material.

click to play the videoManiac Films Post Production Showreel 2019

Published Thursday 3 January 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

See our latest Post Production showreel with clips from some projects we have worked on in the last few years from documentary editing to feature film colour grading and visual effects. We have worked on a wide range of projects from music videos, live events and corporate presentations an...

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Bridgwater Carnival 2018 live event editing

Published Wednesday 7 November 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

On Saturday 4th November, we spent the day filming Bridgwater Carnival from 10:30am until 11:30pm to capture the events leading up to, and then the main Bridgwater Carnival procession. The next three days were spent editing the footage for the DVD & releases. Mark edited the 2+ h...

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Post Production for Prison Workshop films for Stand Against Violence Charity

Published Thursday 25 October 2018 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been finishing editing some Prison Workshop Films for Adam Fouracre, the CEO of Stand Against Violence, a Somerset-based charity founded by Adam in 2005 in the wake of the tragic murder of his brother Lloyd at the age of 17 while out with friends. In July this year Mark travelle...

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Edit for Keith Chivers Personal Film

Published Monday 15 October 2018 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have finished editing a short documentary film about Keith Chivers, ARCM, the talented Barnstaple music tutor who has been teaching violin for many years and whose students keep gaining distinctions in their exams. We were approached to piece together material that Keith's close fri...

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Closed Caption Creation for HOUND movie

Published Wednesday 22 August 2018 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been creating new closed captions for the UK gangster movie HOUND, for online streaming platforms including Amazon. Mark has been brushing up on his Punjabi swear words with a little help from the Director Simba Masaku and some slang words with a few tips from Rasta Mouse!   ...

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Colour Grading and VFX work on HOUND Feature

Published Monday 23 July 2018 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been busy sprucing up the Independent UK feature film HOUND by Simba Masaku and Jimm Stark ready for distribution by Three Wolves. Along with the sound cleanup we have been colour grading and colour matching scenes and doing some light noise removal using the original camera files ...

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Sound mixing for HOUND feature film

Published Friday 20 July 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

We have just completed the sound mix for a new feature film called HOUND, directed by Simba Masaku. The film tells the story of Andy, one of many tortured souls living in the shadows of sunny London suburb, Hounslow. An introverted, alcoholic loner, Andy is forced to witness his only fr...

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click to play the videoTwo more video teasers for Billie's Kid Adoption Book

Published Monday 4 December 2017 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have put together two new Facebook video teasers for Steve Tucker to help advertise the true story of his adoption and his search for his real parents in his book Billie's Kid. Both videos have been created using old Cine film supplied by Steve - one video has a Christmas ...

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click to play the videoRealm of the Damned now on Amazon with Closed Captions

Published Wednesday 16 August 2017 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

The full on black metal animated motion comic 'Realm of the Damned' (Tenebris Deos) featuring a heavy metal soundtrack from 'Sons of Balaur' has finally made its way to Amazon Prime with a little help from the Maniacs here in Devon. We created Closed Captions (Subtitles) fo...

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click to play the videoHalloween trailer production for Billie's Kid Book

Published Monday 31 October 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

We have been working on a spooky new trailer for Billie's Kid, just in time for Halloween Written by Steve Tucker, who was adopted as a baby, Billies Kid is the true story of his search to find his biological mother and to discover where he came from. Better known as the frontman fo...

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click to play the videoMy Honor Was Loyalty feature film colour grading for Netflix

Published Wednesday 20 July 2016 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have started re-grading the Independent feature film My Honor Was Loyalty. Set in World War 2 this is one soldiers story of the conflict and its effects on him. We got involved in this project last year when we created a DVD and Blu-ray version with multiple subtitles of the original fi...

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Mass Product Photo Cloning & Re-touching for Google Shopping

Published Wednesday 15 June 2016 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have just finished re-touching and uploading literally thousands of product photographs for online surf fashion retailer Genesis Surf Shop in Ilfracombe to allow them to comply with the latest Google Shopping channel requirements. We have been removing all watermarking and brand lo...

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More VFX cleanups for Devon feature Scareycrows

Published Friday 29 April 2016 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have finished another three Visual effects shots for Devon Independant feature Scareycrows - these were all 'clean up' shots to remove unwanted reflections in mirrors in a scene inside a Hairdresser salon. One shot had what looked like an XLR audio cable in shot in the mirror pl...

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click to play the videoSapphire v9 upgrade for Davinci Resolve

Published Monday 11 April 2016 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have just upgraded our older version of Gen Arts Sapphire to the latest cross-host version 9 to run in After Effects, Premier Pro and Davinci Resolve. This version of the software works with any OFX application and so will work with Blackmagic Fusion Studio too. We first started usin...

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click to play the videoVFX shots for Scareycrows comedy-horror feature

Published Monday 14 March 2016 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been working on a number of VFX shots to help finish off the independent feature Scareycrows. Filmed at various locations in Devon, Scareycrows is a feature length comedy-horror film about a trainee hairdresser fighting to save her boyfriend from a horde of killer scarecrows. We...

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