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Maniac Films are operating as normal for both production & camera hire services and will continue to do so until advised otherwise.
As a precaution we have increased our hygeine practises including the careful cleaning of any equipment returned to us
Our next day courier APC are still delivering, although drivers are taking precautions such as minimal contact with recipients

Please note: Due to courier restictions we are unable to ship out any orders on the same day as your order is placed. All orders will need to be completed by 4:30pm on the day before shipping.


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Post Production Services

Editing 4k Zombie footage for Ecombat video Stabilising 4k scenic aerial footage from Putsborough & Croyde Bay North Devon Colour Grading 4K red footage

We love a challenge! We have been offering post production services for over 13 years - from transfers and format conversions to assembly edits, sound design, colour grading to visual effects and animation. We provide post production services in 4K and HD and typically work with all-digital workflows, from simple corner pin, rotoscoping to 2D and 3D animations, compositing effects and green screen work for corporate, adverts, promotions and feature films.

Mark, Thanks for your excellent work editing today. Look forward to seeing the vids up and my mugshot next to Paxman's!
- Martin, Equality Street.

We are happy to get involved at any stage of your production - whether it's a complete edit or just helping you finish off your film - "Let's fix it in post !" Contact us now to chat about your needs or browse some of our previous projects below.

We can be engaged as post production supervisor prior and during your shoot or online editor, rotoscoping, colour grading and visual effects artists once in production. Our post production services cover any genre of video or film making.

Creating a rapid Infection for an Independent feature film IMMUNE Tracking and masking in Mocha Pro for screen replacements in Independent feature film Age of Kill Audio cleanup - removing noise from interview for Lockheed Martin CEO

Many thanks for the all the editing work on my films and the post production final polish, stoked with 'em and people seem to be enjoying them. See you with the West Africa and Tasmania films soon . . .
- Julian, Angler Walkabout.

We have provided services for sports/special interest films, music promos, live events, training films, motion graphics design for credits and company logos, motion menu design for DVD & Blu-ray, documentary film editing, corporate and business promotional films plus independent feature films for Digital Cinema Projection (DCP) and straight-to-DVD productions for local schools and charity organisations. So whether you need a quick turnaround edit of the CEO's internal presentation or a complete feature length documentary producing please get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

Thank you again for the excellent work, the video is sitting nicely on our new website page now.
- Steve Tucker All Star Jazz.

We are easy to engage and prefer to work to fixed budgets and will agree pricing in advance with any variations discussed as required or we can work to day rates for all our post production services. We have fast fibre broadband and can upload draft versions to Vimeo Pro with password protection for clients to view and sign off projects quickly and easily. We take backups seriously and use an LTO tape archive system for all our projects as well as daily clones and on-line backups for project files, coupled with on-line RAID systems and uninterruptible power supplies to ensure we take good care of your digital material.

Promo advert for A-OK9 updated

Published Wednesday 17 February 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Back in July 2020, Stu created a promotionl film for canine healthcare company A-OK9 to promote the companys calming cupplement for anxious or over-excited dogs Today Stu has been updating the film, as the company have taken teh step to replace the solid plastic pot that the product was p...

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click to play the videoSci-fi film Small Blue Disc is released on Amazon Prime

Published Thursday 21 January 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Throughout 2019, Mark was busy working on some final visual effects shots for the low budget Indi Sci-fi movie Small Blue Disc by Halogen Films. See the link above for one small scene example - boy shoots ray gun. The shots have included adding in a laser beam form a ray gun, creating an ...

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click to play the videoPost Production work for Unit Eleven re-release

Published Monday 11 January 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

We have been working with director Theo Cane Garvey in planning for a re-release of his 2019 movie 'Unit Eleven'. Unit Eleven was shot was written, directed, filmed and edited on a zero budget over the course of six years. It is set in the year 2035, where survivors of a now almos...

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click to play the videoAngler Walkabout New Zealand DVD out now

Published Tuesday 24 November 2020 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Back in 2014/2015, we worked with author Julian Wicksteed to assist with the editing & post-production of two travel documentaries that he had filmed. Julian is the author of the Angler Walkabout series of books which document his fishing adventures to what he calls the "blank sp...

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click to play the videoGreenscreen effects for Professor Jack Darcy

Published Thursday 19 November 2020 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Following on from our recent shoot with Ross, a.k.a Professor Jack Darcy, Ross travelled down to Dulverton to check up on the edit of his short comedy piece, but to also squeeze in a bit of green screen filming in the local village hall. We set-up a portable green screen in the village ha...

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Audio post production for Charlies Letters

Published Friday 20 March 2020 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Stu gas been working on the audio for a feature film from new director Elliot Hasler, Charlie's Letters. Charlie's Letters has been filmed over 3 years and was completed in 2017 when Elliot was only 16 years old. After a premiere in 2017, film has been on the back burner while Ell...

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click to play the videoBridgwater Carnival 2019 Filming Crew Live Stream and DVD production

Published Thursday 7 November 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been back to Bridgwater again on 2nd November 2019 for our 8th successful year filming the fabulous Bridgwater Carnival with a live mix for the big screen and Live Streaming again this year to YouTube. The Carnival was a fantastic spectacle and a great success for the organisers. W...

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Footage supplied to BBC for Saving Lives at Sea

Published Wednesday 9 October 2019 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

Back in August we were contacted by Blast Films, the Production company behind the BBC's Saving Lives at Sea programme. Saving Lives at Sea is a documentary series following the volunteer members of the RNLI across the UK as they rescue those in need. As part of the series, filming to...

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Sci-fi VFX Shots using Resolve Face Beauty plugin and Genarts

Published Sunday 22 September 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Mark has been creating some final visual effects shots for the low budget Indi Sci-fi movie Small Blue DIsc by Halogen Films. Possible Spoiler Alert! Mark has tried to create an alien cyborg look from a very vague alien type direction (!) and some on-spaceship abduction plates to help sell...

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More VFX Shots for Indi Sci-fi Feature Film - Ray guns

Published Monday 29 July 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Mark has been making a few more visual effects shots for the low budget Indi Sci-fi movie Small Blue DIsc by Halogen Films. Possible Spoiler Alert! Mark has completed two shots where the main characters get abducted again when they are older, plus 4 or 5 shots from a scene where a ray gun ...

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STRIKE DVD Authoring Subtitles and Quality Control

Published Friday 26 July 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Mark has been busy re-timing and converting the English dialogue list for animated feature film STRIKE into English subtitles and authoring a new DVD for release in 2019 - get your copy in Asda and other outlets soon. The DVD is authored as a 24p DVD9 dual layer disc and features behind th...

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VFX Shots for Indi Sci-fi Feature Film Small Blue Disc

Published Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Mark has been doing a few visual effects shots for the low budget Independant Sci-fi movie Small Blue DIsc by Halogen Films. A few alien abduction shots and some simple stars so far. There are a few more laser gun shots and alien shots planned when he has more time in the summer. Mark said...

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VFX Zombie arm for X64 Horror Short film

Published Monday 8 April 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Mark has been keeping his eye in with Mocha Pro and After Effects doing a short Visual Effects shot for Independant filmmaker Rhys Willaims from X64 for his new horror short film 'Scuttle'. Official bio: A young woman's sleep is interrupted by a sinister presence that lurks in ...

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Edit and Grade for Kathmandu Backpack Advert

Published Wednesday 3 April 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Ive been editing and colour grading a new backpack advert for Kathmandu to play out in their stores. The video was shot at an undisclosed testing location (UK) by photographer Christopher Lane with some camera and grip kit rented from Maniac Films including the skater dolly. The video is a...

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click to play the videoSTRIKE 4K Trailer receives BBFC and IFCO Certification

Published Tuesday 2 April 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

Animated feature film STRIKE (MANGO in France) from Homesick Angel Productions and Gigglefish Animation Studios has just received a PG rating at the BBFC and is due for release at Vue cinemas in the UK on 10th May. We have been rebuilding the new STRIKE trailer as a 4K version with 5.1 sur...

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Domestic Violence films for Stand Against Violence Charity

Published Thursday 28 March 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

We have been editing three more Domestic Violence videos for the Somerset-based charity Stand Against Violence, founded by Adam Fouracre in 2005 in the wake of the tragic murder of his brother Lloyd at the age of 17. The series of films on Domestic Violence have been created from interview...

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This Thing of Ours trailer build for VOD

Published Monday 25 March 2019 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

We have recently been asked to assist with preparing a feature film, 'This Thing Of Ours'  for release on online video streaming platforms. It was originally released in 2003 and directed by Danny Provenzano and starring him alongside Frank Vincent, Edward Lynch, Vincent Past...

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Possessed By Evil trailer build for online streaming

Published Wednesday 20 March 2019 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

In 2015 we produced a DVD release for the horror feature film Possessed By Evil which was released by Three Wolves. The stars Rebecca Romijn and was released in 2011. It has also been released under the title Possessing Piper Rose and tells the story of a couple who adopt a little girl, bu...

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