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Published Friday 1 September 2023 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Lost Speech Comedy film Edit for Stan from Dunster

We were approached by Stan and Amanda from Somerset to help produce a video they had been planning for their daughter's wedding reception - the idea being to replace the standard Father of the Bride speech with the video as a funny interlude. When we first met, they had already started filming some segments and had a long music list and a reasonable idea of how they wanted to link the parts together, but they didn't know how to get the files from the camera or how to view them on a screen.

Mark suggested a few ways they could achieve some of the shots, but most of the ideas were already in place, and they set off to create the segments for a great video for us to edit and finish and to add all the music and a few special effects. The premise of the video was that the speech had been mislaid, so Stan left the reception to collect the speech from home (cue Mission Impossible followed by Madness Driving in My Car).

Stan hitching a ride on a motorbike

Suffice to say, the car ran out of fuel on the way back and so a long list of transport was used to try to collect the speech - the double-decker bus, the Minehead steam train, a run along the beach at Minehead with shark chasing (Chariots of Fire meets Jaws), eventually arriving home only to find the speech had been eaten by the dog Grace who put on a heartbreaking performance.

Grace has eaten the Father of the Bride script

Stan now had to head back to the reception, but not after being mauled by a pack of hunting dogs (Who Lets the dogs out), borrowing a horse (Champion the wonder horse) and getting thrown off, hitching a ride on a motorbike (Bat out of Hell) then using a Yorkie bar to flag down a trucker (Convoy), a ride on a tractor (Wurzels) then on a pushbike (Queen Bicycle Race) to get some fuel to finally get back to his car. Eventually he was on his way and decided to stop and help a fellow Morris Minor owner who had engine trouble (Benny Hill theme) and then end up in a pasty shop (lad baby - I love sausage rolls) before finally arriving back at the reception all bruised and covered in lipstick and horse prints. It was great fun editing but I'm sure Stan had loads of fun creating the film for the big day.

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