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Published Friday 12 December 2014 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Editing & Post-Production for Angler Walkabout DVD's

We are working with author Julian Wicksteed, writer of the Angler Walkabout series of books which document his fishing adventures to the "blank spots on the map".

We are helping him to create a series of four DVD's, each one documenting one of his journeys across Patagonia, Alaska, Tasmania and West Africa.

Julian has over 12 hours of footage for each DVD, so we taught him to use an edit suite where he cut out the unwanted footage. We are now helping him to write a script & a paper edit before we begin cutting down the remaining footage and editing it into a final piece.
We are working on Patagonia first, with the other 3 films coming soon after. Once the film is complete we will produce the complete dvd package which will be available online.

To find out more about Angler Walkabout see anglerwalkabout.com

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