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Published Friday 20 September 2013 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon James releases Surfing at 70 film after editing lessons from Maniac

Back in July we announced that we had been teaching James Davis to edit on Final Cut. James has been a travel photographer for years but editing moving images was a new challenge.

He had recently filmed a documentary about himself 'Surfing at 70' and we provided lessons in how to put it together

Well we just received an e-mail announcing the films release - see it at http://www.wavedreamer.co.uk/surfing-at-70 or http://www.eyeballhq.tv.

James Davis still surfing at 70

I am very pleased to announce a little video that I have made to celebrate my 70th year in this life! I feel very blessed to have reached this age with the bonus of remaining in great health - to date at least!
James Davis

James is now hoping to release a book about his work as a travel photographer in April.

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