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Matte box


We hire a range of quality Matte boxes to fit 15mm rods for camera rigs plus a range of 4x4 glass filters to match. The matte boxes all have removable top flags for light spill control, some have side flags and internal 'eybrows'. They also feature rotating sections so you can use 4x4 circular polarizer filters.

We have 4x4 solid and SE (soft edge) Neutral Density filters for light control. The SE filters can be raised or lowered in the frame to match your shot requirements - perfect for avoiding blown our sky's or for using shallow depth of field. The ND filters come individually or in sets. We also have a few specialist filters like Infra Red (IR) Cut and clear glass filters which help keep your lens clean (great for shooting horror films!).

We also hire out screw type variable density ND filters and circular poloriser filtes for our Nikon and Canon lenses in a range of sizes. The vari ND filters are ideal for DSLR shooting where you need to keep your shutter speed to 1/50 (for 25p) but want to shoot with a larger aperture to get a shallow depth of field (DoF).


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