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Published Monday 17 July 2023 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Captions for Tony Palmer Wagner Epic starring Richard Burton

We have been creating new captions for the epic 4-part feature film Wagner from award-winning director Tony Palmer. This nearly 8 hour epic dramatisation of the life of Wagner stars Richard Burton and will soon be re-released on streaming platforms with our new captions.  There have been a few different edits of this feature and a mini series has been made. The 4 part version of Wagner was first released in 1983, and we have used original video files from Tony Palmer for the captioning.

Wagner feature film screenshot with Richard Burton

Mark says "This is an epic film that covers a long period of Wagner's life until his death. The film portrays a lot of intresting history of Russia, Austria and Germany, the different sponsors of Wagner as well as his music and his women. "

The captions files were delivered in a format that can be used as subtitles on DVD or Blu-ray and also used on streaming platforms like YouTube, Nexflix, Vimeo and Amazon.

Tony Palmer epic Wagner feature film screenshot starring Richard Burton as Wagner

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