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Published Monday 4 September 2023 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon BBC Ghostwatch Blu-ray authoring

We have been working on a new Blu-ray release of the popular Ghostwatch TV show that was first broadcast live 29th October 1992 by the BBC and features Michael Parkinson, Sarah Green and Mike Smith. The show focused on a live broadcast event from a suburban house of a scary ghost haunting a family. The show was run like a real phone-in and had an OB unit in the street and was realistic that many viewers believed it was all true and had them phoning in to the BBC.

Ghostwatch Sarah Green stars in thsi classic TV show

We were approached by Director Rich Lawden to work on the HD upscale and Bluray authoring of the Ghostwatch original assets to compliment a number of behind the scenes documentary films he has produced and specially created menu material and special features just for the BD.

We have finalised a 720P50 version for the Blu-ray of the original 4:3 letterboxed Ghostwatch from BBC-supplied content, to avoid losing any detail and will be linking this with 1080i50 material in a fully featured Blu-ray release when we have all the components including specially-created Ceefax subtitles and additional commentary audio.

Ghostwatch TV trailer first aired in 1992 to advertise the live event

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