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The Digital Filmmaking Handbook by Mark Brindle

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DVD & Blu-ray Production for House On Haunted Hill

DVD Authoring for Furious Road

DVD Authoring for Steel Dawn

Dark by Noon DVD Authoring

Brighton Mob DVD Authoring

CD Replication for Small Town Jones new album Sky Down

Tests & Treatments DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

Heathy Eating DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation

DVD production and replication for Devon Lanes & Longboards

DVD Production & Authoring of Thaddeus O'Sullivan films for the Irish Film Institute

Yogatic DVD - PAL authoring and replication

DVD Authoring for British Heart Foundation CHD

CD Master Creation for French band Upsy Hill new EP - Journey

DVD authoring & artwork design for Revitalising Yoga

10 x PAL to NTSC DVD conversions for Eurodiscs

Blu-ray authoring & NTSC conversion for IOM TT 2012

Additional Blu-ray & DVD authoring of TT 2013 with German audio

DVD for Earth Apocalypse general release

National Grid gas pensions DVD authoring

DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs PAL

NTSC DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs NTSC

DVD authoring for Between Two Worlds feature film

River Monsters Italian DVD box set coming soon

DVD authoring DAISY porn star documentary film

The Inhabitants DVD Authoring for retail

Replication for Destined To Survive Holocaust DVD

DVD authoring for The Dark Corner 70th anniversary

DVD authoring for Lucky Lady re-release

DVD & Blu-ray Duplication & Replication Services

CD Authoring and Duplication Services

DVD & Blu-ray Authoring/Production services

Paranormal attack - DVD authoring for retail release

The Fortune Teller - DVD authoring for retail

UFO DVD Authoring for Italian release

Kung Fu Assassin DVD Authoring

Movie Legends Re-authoring for Brightspark

Great White DVD Authoring for retail

DVD authoring for Dark Was The Night feature

DVD authoring for Monster Hunter feature film

Mise Éire DVD & Blu-ray build for Gael Linn & IFI

Niki Perry Yoga DVD Authoring & Duplication

Ren & Stimpy DVD box set authoring

Land of the Pharaohs DVD authoring

Realm of the Damned DVD & Blu-ray QC & Authoring

DVD authoring for Ghosts in the Machine film

Pacific Warriors Rugby Documentary DVD

CAGE - feature film DVD authoring & iTunes encoding

Working the Sea Documentary DVD Authoring & Replication

Aliens vs College Girls DVD Authoring

'Leash off game on' DVD has shipped over 13000 copies

DVD authoring for Category 8: Destruction Earth film

Camp Massacre DVD authoring for general release

Honour Amongst Men DVD Authoring

Blu-Ray BDCMF authoring for RIAT 2017 replication

Blu-Ray BDCMF encoding for RIAT 2016

BDCMF encoding for Blu-ray replication

DVD production: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

DVD duplication: 'Sympathy for the Devil' Documentary

Triple-F DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs

Boundary Games DVD Authoring & Replication for Absolute Dogs

DVD Duplication for 'The Invisible Recorder' - Dennis Creffield Film

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