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Published Tuesday 20 March 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Info & Pricing

topic icon BDCMF encoding for Blu-ray replication

BDCMF Blu-ray encoding from £40 + vat.

Blu-ray Replication

Pretty much all Blu-ray replicators in the world, and there are roughly only 30 factories now, only accept Blu-ray masters for replication in the form of BDCMF. Unfortunately not all Blu-ray authoring software can output BDCMF. Most consumer level software can only export a Blu-ray as BDMV.
Although BDMV files can be played on almost all Blu-ray players, it cannot be used for replication.
If you do not have access to software that can output BDCMF, Maniac Films can take your BDMV output folder/disc and convert it to BDCMF for you.

Replication is the best way to produce copies of your Blu-ray project, although it only becomes cost effective on numbers of 1000+.
Replication doesn't simply burn data onto a writeable disk as is done with duplication. The factory creates a glass master, which is then used to physically stamp the data onto the disk face. This ensures that your discs will last longer and ultimately look more professional with a screen printed face (as you will find on major Hollywood releases)

Creating a BDCMF folder is simple, just export your Blu-ray project as a BDMV folder and pop it onto a portable hard drive that can be posted to us or send to us via wetransfer - we can accept any size files using our own wetransfer account (use link below). On receipt we will run the conversion and copy the created files back on to your HDD and post it back to you or transfer electronicaly again. We will charge a delivery charge for electronic or postal services and bear in mind a BD50 will take a long tme to transfer so a portable drive or large USB stick can be quicker.

We can accept Blu-ray disks that contain BDMV files (a playable disk created in Encore for example), or an .iso image file and can generally download and send back to you via wetransfer or we can transfer via a hard drive or large USB stick. Send us your master at https://maniacfilms.wetransfer.com (any size)

Contact us for full pricing, and to discuss the best way for us to help you get your Blu-ray converted for replication.


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