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Published Monday 18 August 2014 by Mark Brindle in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon Jollyphonics Cartoonito DVD Authoring

We have just completed a DVD authoring project for childrens TV channel Cartoonito working in conjunction with educational publisher Jolly Learning called 'Sounds Like Fun'.

Sounds Like Fun was broadcast on Cartoonito over 36 episodes. It uses the Jolly Phonics system of learning word sounds to help children begin building words quickly, promoting better speech and learning.

We were provided with the full series of 36 episodes, 36 credit sequences plus 36 clips of phonics sounds. Menu artwork was supplied by Cartoonito but we also created a range of animated motion menus using their supplied graphic elements.

Building the DVD required a lot of menus and some clever scripting to get around some limitations of the DVD format but in the end we have created a DVD that the client is very happy with and one that we hope will help young children to learn to speak at a younger age & further their development.

To buy your copy of the DVD visit the Jolly Learning web shop: http://jollylearning.co.uk/jolly-shop/sounds-like-fun-dvd/

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