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Published Wednesday 16 March 2016 by Mark Brindle in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon Serco Training multi-lingual DVD authoring

We have been busy creating multi-lingual DVD masters for Serco corp's 'Our Code' training films that highlight the corporate code for Serco employees operating in the UK and overseas. We have created an NTSC master with special USA and Canadian only versions and a different PAL master DVD containing English, Spanish, German, Spanish, Polish And Chinese language versions. We created new subtitles for each film using a mix of supplied assets including timecoded scripts; we did a bit of transcribing and a lot of timecode shifting to match the different lengths of each animated film and re-timing the animated HD assets for the 23.976 NTSC frame rate.

The DVDs will be used for Serco employees across the world, with subtitles used to help get across the message when the dialogue cannot be heard. The new subtitles we created can also be used online for Web verisons of the films too.

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