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Published Wednesday 9 November 2022 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Bridgwater Carnival 2022 Filming Crew Live Stream and DVD production

We have finally been back to Bridgwater on the 5th November 2022 for our 9th successful year filming the fabulous Bridgwater Carnival in it's spectacular return after a 2 year break (due to Covid-19). As with previous years we created a live mix for the big screen and a Live Stream to YouTube.

The Carnival was (as always) a fantastic spectacle and a great success for the organisers After two years of planning, the Carnival Clubs have really brought out their best! We streamed the video mix in HD all day via an Ethernet link and Vidiu Go and the Live stream had over 5,000 concurrent watchers at its peak. Local business advertisement was also seen on the big screen and online to help pay towards the filming and screen itself.

We supplied a 7 person crew for filming from both static and wireless roaming camera positions, vision mixing, live streaming, stereo sound recording of the procession. As well as recording the audio, we also created a live mix with live commentary by the infamous Chris Hocking which was added to the cameras and mix for the live stream.
The whole event recorded, from which we then edited and authored a DVD for sale within a couple of days of the carnival finishing.
We were also involved in prep work - getting adverts tweaked for the big screen and generating timetable screens for the daytime events.

Watch the Carnival Promo above from our Vimeo account and head over to the Bridgwater Carnival event website for more information on the charities involved and to buy your copy of this years DVD.

There was a wide range of high quality carts in the procession this year from static tableau carts to all singing and dancing carts and walking groups and singles. The main parade started at 6pm this year to allow time for any hiccups and meant the squibbing could start early. If you missed the event and the live streaming then date for your diary next year Saturday 7th November 2020.

See us at Bridgwater Carnival 2023 Saturday 4th November

The DVD contains the full 2 hour procession which culminates in the famous Squibbing. Viewers can watch the procession with live audio, or with the optional commentary track. DVD only again this year as many viewers had seen the live event in HD but no Blu-ray is being made.

AS well as the DVD, we have also created a timelapse video which shows the whole processing in just over 2 minutes, a short promo film for the DVD & next years carnival and also a few extra films for advertisers. This years DVD also features a bonus disk, containing a documentary about the building of the Jubilation cart (see pic above) which was built for the Queen's Jubilee Pageant Parade in 2022

Once again the organisers were very pleased with the results and we are really looking forward to being back next year. If you need to hire any camera/grip or live event equipment or crew for your next event then please get in touch and discuss your requirements.

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