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Published Thursday 4 May 2017 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Web video content filming with Absolute Dogs

We have spent the day at Devon Dogs, filming a series of lessons and games for the AbsoluteDogs online community.

Absolute Dogs offer a wide range of training options, to help owners to improve the behaviour, temperament and fitness of their dogs. We filmed a range of different lessons/games that will be edited and uploaded the to the Absolute Dogs online community members to view and learn from.

The shoot was mainly based outdoors. We hadn't expected to be able to do this as the forecast wasn't promising. But the weather came through for us and we were able to film in the outdoor training paddock for most of the day. We also filmed inside the dog training barn for certain activities.
As well as fiming set lessons, we also filmed a dog training class as they learnt with their dogs.

We shot primarily on the the Blackmagic Mini-Ursa and Ursa 4K. Some of the shots required Stu to follow a dog as it walked/ran across the paddock and for these we used the Sony a7s ii on the Ronin-M Gimbal.

The various clips will all be edited together to create a series of short lessons before being uploaded to the Absolute Dogs tech team.

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