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Published Tuesday 19 June 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Live training event filming with AbsoluteDogs

The Maniac team have spent the last 4 days filming a series of live events with the team from AbsoluteDogs near Okehampton.
Over the 4 days we filmed 2x 1 day courses and a 2-day weekend course.

The events were covered by a one-man crew, with Stu filming Friday & Monday while Mark captured the weekend event. On Friday Stu was also joined by our work placement student Parisa who assisted by operating the sound recorder.
We used 2 cameras and a portable audio recorder kit to film the events. The main filming was carried out using a Sony a7s II on a tripod/monopod, while a 2nd Sony a7s II was used on the Ronin-M Gimbal for additional b-roll and cutaways when the main camera wasn't required.

The shoot was mainly based at the Absolute Dogs facility near Okehampton, with initial teaching being carried out inside and the practical training taking place outside in the field.

Most of the footage will be used to create a series of training videos/lessons that will be used as parts of various online courses that are run by the team. However the footage from Friday will be used to create a long video (broken into chunks to eb easily digestible) that will cover the whole day. This again will be made available to their online course members.

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