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Published Thursday 19 January 2017 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Web promo filming with AbsoluteDogs

We have been in Okehampton, filming with the team from AbsoluteDogs. We were on location at their HQ to film a number of 20minute web videos, that will be used to promote their web-based dog behaviour training system - Naughty But Nice.

Naughty But Nice is a web-based trainings series that aims to build a better bond between trainers/owners & their dogs through fun exercises. It also aims to correct any unwanted or 'naughty' behaviour that my be or my become a problem.

Previously we have worked with AbsoluteDogs to author and replicate a Naughty But Nice DVD for release, and have recently arranged for a second run of the DVD.
The shoot involved a range of locations and different set-ups. Stu spent a large part of the day running around after various dogs with the Ronin-M gimbal, capturing low-level action shots, while Mark set-up some interviews and filmed customer testimonials and the main promotional film with the owners of AbsoluteDogs - Lauren & Tom.
We will be returning to their HQ for a few more film shoots to finish off the promo videos, and also some training videos for another project as well.

Pictured below is Lauren from AbsoluteDogs, helping Mark to film a customer testimonial.

Mark & Lauren on set

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