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Published Wednesday 4 May 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Location sound crew hire for car manufacturer in Brussels

Stu has been working with Plymouth based GSL Media as a sound recordist on a location shoot in Belgium.

The shoot was for a training video for a major car manufacturer and involved filming at a number of locations over 3 days. The aim was to film the journey through the car design process - from initial meetings, to design, to testing and right through manufacturing to the final sale to a customer.

Ben from GSL has worked with Stu on a couple of previous shoots and asked him to come along, allowing him to concentrate on getting the best shots while knowing that audio was taken care of.

Stus work as a sound recordist involved filming both interviews and location sound. One interview was particularly challenging as it was carried out on the manufacturing line in the car factory, surrounded by robots and people and conveyor belts. It was incredibly noisy and required some clever microphone placement to ensure that the interviewee could be heard clearly over the noise.

Stu was part of a 4 person crew, working alongside a producer, camera operator and director. The team as a whole were praised on more than one occasion by the client for their professionalism and also the way that they worked together as a team

At the end of the shoot, all of the sound files were transferred over to Ben's hard drive along with the footage and it will be edited back at the GSL offices.

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