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Published Monday 23 May 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Sound crew hire in Kent for corporate training film

Stu has just returned from a 2 day shoot in Kent for a corporate video with Plymouth based GSL Media as a sound recordist.

The shoot was for a company specialising in the creation of scents and flavours. The crew were there to film a series of mock interviews, shot from the perspective of an interviewer for aseries of training videos

Ben from GSL and Stu have now worked together on number of shoots and have come to work very well together, so Stu was happy to be asked to be part of this shoot as well.

The shoot involved a number of different set-ups, as well as some external recording for an opening montage. Stu also had to record 3 voice-over clips for the montage sequences.

Stu was part of a 5 person crew, working alongside two producers, a camera operator and director.

At the end of the shoot, all of the sound files were transferred over to Ben's hard drive along with the footage and it will be edited back at the GSL offices.

Stus location sound bag - on set complete with vistors pass

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