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Published Thursday 20 April 2017 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Location audio crew for corporate film in plymouth

We sent Stu and his location audio kit down to Plymouth for a one day shoot with Ben from GSL Media.
Ben was shooting a short drama for a major pharmaceutical firm which will be used as part of the companys internal e-learning system.

The shoot was based in an office building and used two locations, an office and a meeting room. Two professional actors had been called in to handle the bulk of the dialogue, with a couple of local extras added to fill out the scene.

Stu's biggest challenge was finding a way to record 4 radio mics and a back-up boom mic at the same time on to a 4 track recorder. Thanksfully this was only required for one scene and he found a way to achieve this without any issues on the day.

Stu was part of a 4 person crew, working alongside a producer, a camera operator and director. They were also joined on set by 2 representatives from the Pharmaceutical company.

At the end of the shoot, all of the sound files were transferred over to Ben's hard drive along with the footage and it will be edited back at the GSL offices.

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