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Published Monday 16 January 2023 by Stu Gaunt in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon Blu-ray Authoring for My Bloody Banjo feature

We have been working for sometime to assist with post production and editing for the new feature film directed by Liam Regan, My Bloody Banjo, but more  recently we have been working on the DVD & Blu-ray releases for this film.  Stu has been working on the menu designs while Mark has been encoding files and preparing the subtitles for the release and making all the different audio commentary options work together in the menu authoring.

Today we have sent the final artwork off to the printers to have the Blu-ray covers made up. Sadly we can't show you this artwork yet as this run will consist of hand numbered copies for backers and Liam is keeping the artwork secret for now. However the menu artwork can be shown, see above and below this.

Stu designed 6 menu pages in total as the Blu-ray will include a lot of special features including making of films, outtakes and more.
Mark was supplied with a PDF document for the English subtitles, so he had to re-format (manually) the timecodes in the document to make it work as an SRT file for subtitles and then go through it all line by line and fix the sync and some of the English. But it's all working now - a job well done!

Once approved by the director Liam Regan, the final disc will be mastered into a BDCMF format before being sent for replication at the factory. The DVD is being created as a seperate authoring with slightly less special features on it.

For more information see on our Blu-ray authoring and BDCMF services, then get in touch to discuss your next Blu ray or DVD project.

My Bloody Banjo


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