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Published Friday 3 November 2017 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Sound recordist & camera hire for charity film

Stu has just returned from a two day shoot in London with Ben from GSL Media as a sound recordist.
Stu also took along a Sony a7s II 4K camera to allow Ben to shoot in 4K video.

The team were filming a series of interviews for a major charity. All of the interviewees suffer from various types of Diabetes and have used different methods to help them to control their condition. The film aims to showcase the various methods and also discuss how the charity has helped them cope with Diabetes.

Stu was part of a 4 person crew, working alongside a producer, camera operator and director. Also on set were two representatives from the charity, one of whom conducted the interviews, while the second watched the interviews in another room via a monitor, allowing here to transcribe the interviews and make notes on the best parts for the edit.

The location was in a very nice house in London. It had been hired by the charity as a location. This meant that we all had to be extra careful as this was someone's home which they had allowed us to use for two days. Unfortunately there was some building work going on a few doors down which delayed a couple of the interviews due to noise, but the crew worked through it.

The footage and sound files were transferred to Ben's hard drive and he will be working on the edit and liaising with the team from the charity on the edit.

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