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Published Friday 19 July 2019 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon 4 days of live filming with Absolute Dogs

Stu has spent he last 4 days in Okehampton, filming 4 days of live teaching events with the AbsoluteDogs dog training company.

The 4 days all fell into themes, such as Calmness and Gundog and were aimed towards owners who need help with certain types of struggle that they may be facing with their favourite pets.

Stu caltured the events using a tripod mounted Sony a7s II and another Sony on the Ronin-M gimbal. Audio was captured using an Edirol recorder, 2x radio mics and a handheld radio mic for QnA sessions.
As well as filming at Okehampton, Stu & Anna (an employee of Absolute Dogs) took a trip to Swindon to film at some doggy boarding kennels and to interview an employee who is also a student of Absolute Dogs.

The first 2 days of the shoot will be edited into a course titled, 21 Days to Stress Free Walks, Day 3 will become a Self contained Gundog course and Day 4 will be a course featured around promoting calmness in over excited pooches.

The footage will be edited and uploaded to the Absolute Dogs Vimeo channel=. From there they will embed the videos onto their members only website as an when needed.

We have previously we have worked with AbsoluteDogs to author and replicate DVD releases, and we have helped them to produce a large amount of web content for their subscribers.

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