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Published Wednesday 13 May 2015 by Mark Brindle in Video Production

topic icon A Common Sense of Place - Shared Space film completed

In April we worked with Martin Cassini from Equality Streets on a 5min film commissioned by the Isle of Man Government (Department of Infrastructure).
The film, shot in Bristol & inter cut with footage from other towns in the UK, explores the advantages of 'shared space' on our streets, a system in which traffic lights are removed, cars filter in turn and pedestrians are given equal rights. 

Martin has campaigned for and worked on a number of successful schemes of this type, and the IOM Department of Infrastructure commissioned him & Maniac Films to produce this film which will be used at various meetings about the refurbishment of the promenade in Douglas.
The film has now been published on the Isle of Man Government YouTube channel - click on the link above to play it here.

An older film we edited for Martin Cassini is also online - here is an HD version of 'Poynton Regenerated' a film about the traffic junction in Poynton and how this was redesigned as a shared space for traffic and pedestrians alike.

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