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Published Monday 2 May 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Filming Ragamuffins Birthday party

On Sunday, Stu attended the 3rd birthday celebrations for Ragamuffin Lewis - star of The Adventures Of Ragamuffin Lewis.

Stu was there to provide both video and photographic services - capturing the party, the guests and the games.

Ragamuffin has been a regular at Maniac recently, so we were happy to be invited along. Stu also took his dog along to join the other canine party guests.

The celebrations included a number of party games - including Musical Sit and the sausage challenge (which required the dogs to cross the room to their owners, while ignoring the lure of sausages in their path!)

There was also present opening and a very special cake made from liver and coated in a mashed potato icing - great for dogs!

Ragamuffin had a great time, as did both his doggy and human friends. Some of the photos have been edited and sent to Ragamuffin for social media, the rest of the images and the video footage will be handed over to Fiona, who will create a rough edit before we help her to polish the edit ready for posting online.

UPDATE: The birthday episode of The Adventures of Ragamuffin is now online! Watch at the top of this page or on Youtube here: - Happy Birthday to me

Ragamuffins birthday cake


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