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Published Monday 30 May 2016 by Stu Gaunt in Miscellaneous

topic icon Cafe opening photoshoot with Ragamuffin

On Saturday, Stu met up with local celebrity dog Ragamuffin Lewis at the re-launch launch event for the Larkstone Cafe in Ilfracombe.

Already the star of his own YouTube TV series - The Adventures Of Ragamuffin Lewis, Ragamuffin had been asked to attend the event, to meet the customers and act as an attraction.

While at the event, Fiona (Ragamuffin's owner & publicist) organised a fun game for some of the attanding children, in which they could race against Ragamuffin and also play rugby with him. 

Stu was tasked with documenting some of the games, as well as photographing Ragamuffin enjoying the event, including catching him on the baouncy castle (only briefly as he wasn't keen on it).

You can see a couple of the finished images and raw images below. Check out Ragamuffins blog for more behind the scenes photos and videos or his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to see all of the daily posts.

Ragamuffin catches a thrown rugby ball

Ragamuffin & friends share an ice cream

Ragamuffin on the slide - having fun!

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