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Published Monday 26 February 2018 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon New Ultimate Buble theatre tour promo film

We have been working with Mark Daniels, otherwise known as Ultimate Bublé, one of the UK's leading Michael Bublé tribute acts.

Mark has an upcoming theatre tour and he wanted to produce a new promotional video to build excitement about the shows. Mark has recently been in the studio recording an album of Michael Bublé covers and while he was there he also recorded a 1 minute promo compilation for the video.

For video footage, we turned to our previous recording of Mark's live show in Barnstaple a couple of years ago. At the time we created a 5 minute promo using live audio from the show, but from the 2 hour show we were left with a lot of really great footage that wouldn't fit into the earlier 5min video.

The footage from the live show was mixed with sots taken from Mark's recent appearance on ITV 1's 'A Night for the Emergency Services' - a live programme which showcased the hidden talents of members of the emergency services (Mark appeared as he is a volunteer member of the RNLI). ITV were very kind and gave us permission to use up to 1 min of footage from the show which allowed us to use it in the new video.

Mark spent a couple of days in the Maniac office with Stu, first creating a rough edit, and then changing various parts over a couple of days as Mark took the video home to watch and get the opinion of his family & band members.

Mark was very happy with the end result and released it to his fans on Facebook on Friday 23rd Feb to a lot of very positive feedback! The video is now on YouTube in HD and we you can watch it at the top of this article.

If you want to know more about Mark's Ultimate Bublé tour, shows or just about him, you can check out his website here: www.ultimatemichaelbubletribute.co.uk

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