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Published Wednesday 4 February 2015 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Live Event Filming for the Ultimate Buble Stage Show

We've just wrapped on filming the first ever Ultimate Bublé stage show (performed by Mark Daniels) at the Queens Theatre in Barnstaple.
This was a massive event for Mark as it marks a new level in his career as a Michael Bublé impersonator. The show was in a much larger venue and features an 8-piece professional band.
We were there to capture the event, firstly to create a promo video to promote his upcoming UK tour and secondly to create a DVD of the show.
To do this we had 5 crew members operating 7 cameras, 2 GoPro cameras hidden on stage and 2 audio stations dual recording 24 tracks of audio so was quite a busy night.

The show was a massive success, Mark was extremely happy and the crowd loved it. In the next few weeks we will work with Mark to cut down the promo film while local musician Peter Bruntnell mixes the sound.

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