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Published Wednesday 9 January 2013 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Entrepreneur First promo filming green screen horse

Wow this was an interesting challenge. We were contacted by Seb Agertoft who had applied for the Entrepreneur First programme. In order to make his application stand out he wanted to make a short film in a similar style to the Old Spice ads a few years ago.

The aim was to create a seamless film that would take the viewers on a journey through different locations while he informed us of his merits and why he should be picked as a candidate.

The journey took us from an office, to playing chess on a beach and ended up with Seb sat on a horse in space! It was a really challenging shoot to put together and had to be filmed and edited in just 3 days on a limited budget.

It was challenging with the weather too as the office needed to be outdoors at the beach and especially when the 1st day involved setting up a green screen in a stable with a temperamental horse! Never work with animals they say for good reason. The film remains 'unlisted' and not for general release so we cannot post it here.


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