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Published Monday 21 January 2013 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Conference & workshop filming + highlight videos for BP

We have just spent 4 days filming in London with BP. We were contacted by North Devon based Tinder-Box who were organising the conference for BP and had some pre-workediting short films for the conference.

Our first job saw us spending 2 days at the BP Faculty conference, filming interviews and highlights which were editing on location to be shown later in the conference.

Before the event we also created a series of short videos for the event - created from a number of iPhone & iPad videos taken by the participants and then jazzed up with animation and sound cleanup to make them much more watchable(!) These videos were very well received and shown on the 1st day to much laughter and applause.

After the conference we moved down the road to Fleet Street to film 2 days of a masterclass workshops for BP staff trainers. These films will be edited and shown on the BP training website for internal staff training.

It was a long 4 days but well worth it for the chance to work with an International leader in Business like BP.

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