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Published Thursday 17 July 2014 by Mark Brindle in Video Production

topic icon Amazing Feedback for Cumbria Museum Consortium (CMC) Apprenticeship Film

In May we released the newly completed Apprenticeships showcase film created for CMC (Cumbria Museums Consortium). Since the film was posted by the CMC on their apprenticeships blog they have received a lot of positive feedback and they were so pleased that they created a new blog post to show all of the comments!

It's really lively and colourful and fun, and I enjoyed learning about the apprentices' experiences
They've done such a good job on the production...Super! It's good, and fun to watch... Thoroughly enjoyed it, it was brilliant - what stars!

Cumbria Museum Consortium apprentices films gets amazing feedback

There were many more very positive comments which you can read here -CMC Apprenticeship Blog. You can also check out the film on Youtube - click here or Vimeo - click here to see what all of the buzz is about!

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