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Published Monday 10 March 2014 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Clearwater Brewery film for North Devon +

The second of our films in partnership with North Devon + aiming to showcase local businesses who received a grant through the Leader 4 Programme. The grant was provided to businesses that wished to implement a green solution that would either improve or expand their eco business.

This video features Clearwater Brewery, based in Bideford. They used the grant to fund a new water regeneration storage system for the cooling system, and a new super-efficient hot liquor tank

We travelled down to Bideford to meet the owner Paul and filmed the brewing process after a short interview. We were even given a free beer each - not quaffed until after the shoot though I must add! Very tasty beer indeed.

Promotional shoot at Clearwater Brewery for North Devon +

Click the link above to check out the video now.

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