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Published Monday 20 April 2015 by Mark Brindle in Video Production

topic icon Filming Alice in Wonderland at RHS Rosemoor

We have been filming with Rob, Dexter, Rosie & Sam from Entertainingly Different at RHS Rosemoor near Torrington in Devon.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, a number of Royal Horticultural Society gardens are holding special events this year. As part of the celebrations at RHS Rosemoor, Entertainingly Different are hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The ED crew were asked to create a series of video adverts (one for each of the participating gardens) to promote the events, and to help them achieve this, they called us in.

We set-up a tea party in the gardens for one scene near the thatched cottage and beautiful bowls of Tulips, we filmed under the blossoming apple trees and moved down to the lake to film the remainder next to a fantastic old tree. The actors had to stay in costume all day, much to the amusement of garden visitors and a coach load of school children. Oh my hair and whiskers!

We will edit the 4 films soon and they should be appearing online on a RHS website soon.

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