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Published Friday 28 May 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Camera crew hire for wine promotional film

Stu has spent 2 days filming on location in North Devon with a local marketing & events company to film a series of adverts for a wine company.

He was working as a camera assistant on the shoot which involved a range of technical shots and set-dressing.

The shoot was for a major wine producer, unfortunately we aren't permitted to name the company. The shoot didn't involved any actors, but required a lot of set dressing and some technical shots to get the right look.

The camera crew started with a very challenging shot, involving a camera track and dolly, a jib arm, a remote gimbal head and remote focus pulling to create a very dynamic shot. Stu took charge of the remote focus pulling, ensuring that the focus was always ont eh right part of the product

Other shots included tracking shots and even overhead tracking shots looking down on a well dressed dinner table.

Maniac Films also provided a range of lighting equipment for the shoot, including Aputure Nova P300c LED panels, Aputure LS C300d LED lights, 4x Aputure AL-MC RGBWW Colour LED lights and various C-stands, softboxes and flags.

The footage will be used to create a number of adverts for web and TV and we look forward to seeing how they turned out!

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