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Published Thursday 20 May 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Camera crew hire for healthcare promo shoot

Stu and Mark have spent 6 days filming on location in North Devon with a local marketing & events company.

Stu was present for the first two days, and Mark took his place on days 3-6. They were both working as a camera assistant on the shoot which involved product demonstrations and adverts for a major home electricals manufacturer.

The shoot was for a digital thermometer, unfortunately we aren't permitted to name the manufacturer or the product. The shoot involved actors, a mum, dad and two children who were filmed using the product for a number of ads.
The set was custom built for the shoot, depicting a living room and bedroom scenario.

Over the 6 days, Stu & Mark assisted with camera set-ups, prepping the product for the shot, setting up the lighting and various other tasks.

One challenge faced was a shot which called for a sleeping baby. To do this the crew built a large back-out tent over a cot, to provide a suitable bedroom space for the baby. This had to be lit just enough to film, but ultimately the biggest challenge was getting the baby to sleep in the first place.

Maniac Films also provided a range of lighting equipment for the shoot, including Aputure Nova P300c LED panels, Aputure LS C300d LED lights, 4x Aputure AL-MC RGBWW Colour LED lights and various C-stands, softboxes and flags.

The footage will be used to create a number of adverts for web and TV.

Crew hire for healthcare shoot


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