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Published Friday 22 July 2022 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Crew Hire for Cookware Ads with Poppy Cooks

Mark & Stu have been filming on location near Windsor with a local marketing company to film a series of adverts for a major cookware manufacturer.
The adverts starred Chef and influencer Poppy Cooks, who has over one million followers on TikTok, has just released a cookbook and will soon be a judge on junior masterchef.

Stu & Mark were working as camera operators and assistants on the shoot was set-up almost like a cooking show, but will be edited in the style of a TikTok or youtube video. It was all shot in a test kitchen at the HQ of the cookware manufacturer. All cameras were timecode synced to make it 'easier' in the edit.

The shoot was for a major cookware manufacturer, unfortunately we aren't permitted to name the company. The crew set up on the afternoon of the first day, ensuring that when Poppy & the clients arrived on the next day, minimal set-up was required beyond hair and make-up.

Poppy took us through several recipes on the day, and the best bit was that we all got to try the food as well!

The crew ran 6 Sony cameras (2 x FX3, 2 x FX7 and 2 x FX9), with two mounted onto the ceiling for top-down shots and then 4 camera operators capturing a range of live shots ranging from wide to extreme close-ups. We monitored the ceiling mounted FX3's using their built-in Wi-Fi video senders to two Ipads which helped add to the mix of shots. The footage will be used to create a number of adverts for web and TV and we look forward to seeing how they turned out!

Multi-camera shoot for Tefal social vidoes Poppy Cooks

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