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Published Thursday 31 October 2019 by Stu Gaunt in Video Production

topic icon Calm K9 product launch videos for AOK9

A-OK9, a new company created by the people behind Absolute Dogs, is focussed on promoting and improving the health of peoples dogs.

Stu has been in Okehampton filming a series of web adverts and promo videos to be used both on social media and also the A-OK9 website.
He also filmed an upcoming 10-day challenge video course which will tie into the AOK-9 product range.

Stu filmed 2 products during the shoot, the primary product is a new powder supplement that can be fed to dogs to improve their calmness and gut health. The 2nd is a new variation on lick mats, a product that slows down a dog while eating and again promotes calmness.

Stu filmed the various clips using a rig mounted Sony a7s II camera fitted with a portkeys monitor and run from PAG v-lok batteries. For sound recording he used the Edirol R-44 recorder and a number of Sennheiser radio mic kits.

The adverts were quickly edited and delivered to the A-OK9 team today as they will be launching the product very soon. The 10 day course will be edited ove the next few days

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