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Published Monday 3 April 2023 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon Sound Crew Hire for North Cornwall Promo Shoot

Stu has spent the day working with a local filmmaker Simon to capture sound and visuals for a promo video.

Stu was primarily on hand to capture audio for a 3-way interview. However he also took on camera operator duties later in the day as well. In an unusual turn, he also found himself offering childcare and dog sitting services too.

The shoot was for a surfwear brand and was filmed in Bude. We were able to use the local RLNI lifeboat station to film the interviews and then filmed in the sea pool on the nearby beach.

The day started at a local cottage, where the crew were due to film b-roll and set-up shots for the video. However Simon & Stu hadn't banked on there being young children (aged 4 & 1) and an excitable dog who couldn't be left alone. With no-one else available to look after them, Stu took up the mantle of childcare provider while Simon captured the shots needed.

Next up the team moved down to the lifeboat station to capture a 3 way interview, one of the interviewees was a silver medal winning olympian!
Stu used the Edirol R-44 recorder with three Sennheiser radio mic kits and a Rode NTG2 on the boom for safety.

For the final section, the team moved down to the beach, and Bude's (rather chilly) sea pool. It was a gray, windy day and the sea looked very dramatic  behind the pool walls. Stu & another camera operator captured the action from land whiel Simon donned his wetsuit and camera housing to film in the pool

The captured audio files were handed over to the film crew ready for editing at the end of the shoot and we look forward to seeing how the final films come out!

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