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Published Wednesday 16 August 2023 by Mark Brindle in DCP & Disc Production

topic icon DCP Encode 2k and 4K DCPs for SPAN short doc for Sarah Drummond

We have been working with director Sarah Drummond to produce two sizes of Digital Cinema Package / DCP encodes of her latest short documentary film, SPAN - Stonewall Postal Action Network. A short film by Anthony Bricolage featuring Austin Allen whose letter writing archive was delivered to Bishopsgate institute on Dec 1st 2022 for posterity.  Dr Sarah Elizabeth Drummond is a Scottish director and creative producer who has recently moved to Devon.

Digital cinemas require films to be delivered in a format called DCP (Digital Cinema Package), and Sarah needed a 2k and 4K DCP with burnt in captions to screen at a festival as well as some non-burnt in caption options. We created several DCPs and converted the supplied SRT files into an XML format compatible with DCP as well as created a burnt-on version using our DCP software.

SPAN - Nothing Happened Here

SPAN, is the first of a series of short docs that capture extraordinary LGBTQ+ activism done by ordinary people from their homes.

I really appreciate your support. This is all new territory for me
- Sarah Drummond

SPAN - Austin Allen captions

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