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Published Tuesday 18 March 2014 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon Colour grade and rotoscoping for Atramentum 4K edit

Local photographer & film-maker, Christopher Lane, has asked us again to work on the colour grading for a 4K (Ultra High Definition) edit.

The video is a promotional piece for use on his show reel and takes the form of a fictitious skin-care brand advert. The piece was edited on Avid by a film editor and then passed to us for grading.

As well as the grade which was carried out by mark, Stu also had to carry out some Rotoscoping work on two clips. In these clips the model is looking at the camera while sat in a bath, suggesting nudity. However the model's bra was showing against the side of her breast and Stu had to remove the offending item frame by frame.

The final video can be seen now on Vimeo on on Chris' website christopherlane.co.uk


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