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Published Tuesday 30 April 2019 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon VFX Shots for Indi Sci-fi Feature Film Small Blue Disc

Mark has been doing a few visual effects shots for the low budget Independant Sci-fi movie Small Blue DIsc by Halogen Films. A few alien abduction shots and some simple stars so far. There are a few more laser gun shots and alien shots planned when he has more time in the summer. Mark said 'I love Science fiction as a genre and so i'm happy doing what i can in spare time on this project'. So far we are using a few Genarts Sapphire OFX plugins in Davinci Resolve and some built in filters and tracking to produce the effects with a few extra bits from the guys at Rampant Design.

Stars on the ceiling for a shot from Small Blue Disc by Halogen Films

The first shots were delivered back to Christpher from Halogen "I have just watched the Plates of the UFO. What can I say? I will say f*****g BRILLIANT. Yes. Perfect. A great job. Wonderful." So another happy client.

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