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Published Thursday 21 January 2021 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon Sci-fi film Small Blue Disc is released on Amazon Prime

Throughout 2019, Mark was busy working on some final visual effects shots for the low budget Indi Sci-fi movie Small Blue Disc by Halogen Films.
See the link above for one small scene example - boy shoots ray gun.

The shots have included adding in a laser beam form a ray gun, creating an alien cyborg look from a very vague alien type direction, making a UFO look more realistic some on-spaceship abduction plates to help sell the abduction scenes.  Chris and his team ( Paul, Darren, Robin and Liam) at Halogen were really pleased with the effects plates that Mark delivered and  gave a lot of great feedback!

Well as an update we have just been informed that yesterday (20th January 2021), Small Blue Disc premiered on the Amazon Prime streaming platform. And there is talk of a DVD release in the future.

UPDATE: After the films premiere in Coventry and releasing the film on Amazon, Halogen Films gas now closed and the film is no longer on Amazon Prime. We will keep an eye on this and hope to see the film back online soon.

If you want to see the film and check out Mark's visual effects, you can find it on Amazon Prime now - Small Blue Disc on Amazon Prime Video


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