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Published Thursday 13 October 2011 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon Roll the credits, The Reverend is complete!

Its been a long road but with the arrival of the credit roll and animated opening sequence, The Reverend edit is complete. Now time for the premiere!

Having received and added the audio (in both stereo and surround) last week, we took delivery of the animated opening title sequence and a word file containing the rolling titles for the end of the film

The end credit roll was soon ingested into Final Cut and Stu created a series of animated title plates and the credit roll in line with the requests of the director. We have cut a few trailers and hope it will be well received.

The premiere will be held on October 14th in London's Leicester Square as part of The British Horror Film Festival 2011, although it will also be showing at the Grimm Up North film festival in Manchester on October 8th.

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