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Published Thursday 15 September 2011 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon Grade & VFX for The Reverend nears completion.

We have been working on the grade for The Reverend and have already finished the trailer, sent the audio to the sound designer and nearly completed 98% of the main film.

With only the end credits and final audio mix to go on the main edit, we feel pleased with how the film looks! One of the most time consuming jobs has been rotoscoping, a task which involves painting out items (such as stray microphones) frame by frame.

One challenging scene (see image on left) required us to grade the shot in black and white, but leave an apple hanging from a tree in colour. We had to use a number of techniques and software solutions including Shake, Photoshop and Final Cut Pro... but by sharing the workload and using each others strengths we were able to create a fantastic shot that meets our directors needs.

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