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Published Thursday 21 July 2011 by Stu Gaunt in Post Production

topic icon The Reverend grade and vfx begins at Maniac Films

Fresh from the edit suite, the final cut of the new Neil Jones film, The Reverend is now being graded by Maniac Films. We will also be adding additional visual effects and cleaning up shots to finish the featire film.

We are also working on the trailer, grading and cleaning up the shots ready to promote the film. Once we finish the trailer we will move onto the rest of the movie.

Special effects include adding rain to an outdoor scene as can be seen on the left. A rain machine was used on set, but we have added more rain, tweaked the lighting and generally added to the miserable atmosphere in the shot.

The rain effect was accomplished using a tracking tool, moving the rain across the image to simulate wind on a stormy night. The final effect looks great and we can't wait to see it on the big screen!

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