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Published Friday 19 May 2023 by Stu Gaunt in Crew Hire

topic icon London Law Firm Hybrid Live Event Crew

We have been working at the London offices of a major international law firm again for a live event celebrating the conclusion of a programme to empower and raise up women in the workplace.

Three months ago we worked on the programme launch, which was split between London & New York. For the conclusion, the US delegates were flown over to the London offices.

We had been brought in by Andy from StockandBokeh, and Stu & Mark met up with him & his camera crew on Tuesday morning to begin set-up.

The team had the kit set-up and ready for the live testing in the afternoon. Because may of the delegates on the course have never spoken in public before, the afternoon saw each come in for a rehearsal and sound check.
Cameras were operated by Andy's crew while Mark took on vision mixing & streaming and Stu looked after sound. We also brought in a 2nd sound assistant, Che, to help with the large mount of mic changes.
Live hybrid streaming event crew

Wednesday morning saw the event begin at 9am and run through to 5pm.
We used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro cameras for the in room video feeds. Audio was captured using 9x Sennheiser radio Lavalier mics and 2x Sennheiser handheld radio microphone kits, all being fed through our Allen & Heath Zed14 mixer. Stu also received the audio feed from zoom for one participant who presented virtually, pre-recorded video and also audio that was part of some presentations, This was fed through the desk into a PA system and also sent back to the Zoom feed.
Video mixing was carried out using the Atem TV Studio 4K, with main video from the room being streamed to zoom via a laptop, We also pulled in an auxiliary feed to allow the virtual presenter to be shown on the large LCD screens in the room.

Overall the event was a huge success. The biggest challenge was finding enough spare radio frequencies for 11 radio mics in the centre on London, but the team pulled it off easily.

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