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Published Wednesday 5 April 2023 by Mark Brindle in Post Production

topic icon Lives of Lee Miller Documentary upscaling

We have been repurposing the classic documentary 'The Lives of Lee Miller' from DVD into an HD version for online publiction with a few aspect ratio tweaks on some photos in the original edit. The documentary was originally produced in the 1980s by Lee Miller's son Anthony Penrose. He created a DVD version (released around 2008) where he introduces the film and adds some extra content to the original documentary film. The trailer link above is to the upscaled HD trailer.

The story of war photographer, model and artist Elizabeth Lee Miller (1907-1977) is now the subject of a new hollywood movie (Lee) starry Kate Winslet, due for release later this year and based on the documenatary about Lee's life.

Lee Miller Photographer photo being developed the old way

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